CIHPRSCentral Indiana Highpower 
Rifle Shooters

2017 Match Results

Regional Match series

4/29-4/30 Fullbore Regional

5/6-5/6 Across the Course Regional

5/20-5/21 Long Range Regional

6/10-6/11 Mid Range Regional

Registered Across The Course Results
4/8/17 Across the Course
7/30/17 Across the Course
8/12/17 Marine Corps Match 
9/9/17 Across the Course

Mid Range Results
4/9/17 300-500-600
7/29/17 ISRPA State Championship 
8/13/17 300-500-600
9/10/17 300-500-600

Long Range Results
3/25/17 3x1000
3/26/17 Palma
4/22/17 3x1000
4/23/17 Palma
6/24/17 3x1000
6/25/17 Palma
8/26-8/27 ISRPA/KYRPSA State Long Range Championship
9/23/17 3x1000
9/24/17 Palma

Longest Shot Match Results

CIHPRS 1,200yd Long Range Regional Match 

ISRPA Across the Course State Championship (Shot at Borden in 2017)

ISRPA Mid Range State Championship

ISRPA Long Range State Championship

CIHPRS Indiana 1,200yd Long Range Championship

CMP EIC "LEG" Matches ( No longer fired at Camp Atterbury by CIHRPS)

Vintage and Modern Sniper Match (Not fired in 2017) 

Marine Corps Match 

Longest Shot Match 

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