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Rifle Shooters
Marine Corps Match 1000 point agg.

The Marine Corps Match is a hybrid match of two separate matches in one.

The first Aggregate is the traditional NRA across the course match.
20 rounds plus 2 convertible sighters 200 yard offhand
20 rounds plus 2 sighters 200 yard rapid sitting 
20 rounds plus 2 sighters 300 yard rapid prone
20 rounds plus 2 convertible sighters 600 yards slow prone

The second Aggregate is
20 rounds plus unlimited sighters at 1000 yards slow prone

The third Aggregate is the combination of scores from the first two aggregates.

A shooter may choose to switch rifles however to be eligible for overall match winner they must shoot the same rifle.  

A shooter DOES NOT have to shoot the 1000 yard stage if they do not want to.

Each individual aggregate will be NRA approved separately.   

Rifle classes will be as follows
First and Second aggregate

Service Rifle- Include the following

US Rifle, Caliber .30 M1, or Caliber 7.62mm M1   
US Rifle, Caliber 7.62mm M14
US Rifle, Caliber 5.56mm M16 Series
US Rifle, Caliber 7.62mm M110 Series

The above rifles must have standard or national match type sights or optics of 4.5x or less.  They must have a trigger pull of equal to or greater than 4.5 pounds.  There are other rifle specific requirements of the above types, please check NRA rule 3.1.

Service Rifle (Unofficial)

Any rifle that was once a service rifle but is no longer considered a service rifle by the NRA or CMP or of a foreign government.  The rifle must have peep and post sights or V-notch and post sights and be in original as issued condition.  The rifle must be .35 caliber and under  and must use smokeless powder.  
This class will compete in Service rifle division in CIHPRS club matches only.  
The rifles will include but not limited to:
Remington Lee 6mm
Springfield Model 1892-1899 Krag
US Model 1903, 1903A1, 1903A3, and National Match rifles (no micrometer sights)
US Model 1917 
US Model 1941 Johnson

Foreign Government rifles manual or semi-automatic are eligible regardless of model provided they are of peep and post sight or v-notch and post sight configuration and are under .35 caliber. 
Match Rifle- Any centerfire rifle with metallic sights or optical sights of unlimited magnification that are capable of holding at least 5 rounds.  Limited to .35 Caliber or less.  Please check NRA rule 3.3 for further descriptions.

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