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How to become a better shooter

Often times people want to improve their shooting.  The common thought is by spending more money on better equipment or a new ballistically superior cartridge they will automatically become a better shooter.  The equipment doesn't make you a better shooter, technique does.  To show this the NRA Iron Sight 1000yd record has been done three times by the same individual, Kent Reeves.  Once with a 6.5x284, once with a Palma rifle shooting 2156 sierras, and once with a Palma rifle shooting 2155 Sierras.  There is a wide range in ballistics between those three and shows that it is the Indian not the arrow.  The articles bellow are on things that every shooter can work on.  They are not intended to be taken as the end all of advice but merely suggestions for a shooter to work on.  The other thing is you can read the information but you need to practice it.

Mechanics- Prone Position

Mechanics- Sitting Position

Mechanics- Standing "Offhand" Position

Mechanics- Follow Through

Mechanics- Calling your Shot

Reading the wind

Developing a load

Developing a load part 2

Cartridges of the game

Revere's Riders provides firearms training in rifle, carbine, pistol and (soon) shotgun for the novice through experienced firearms enthusiast.  Courses are held in the midwest, east coast, and southwest with additional locations being continually added.  

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