CIHPRSCentral Indiana Highpower 
Rifle Shooters

Mid Range Prone Records

300yd Prone Any Sight

 Open 200-17X

Jeff Bartlett (.243)

Jeff Graham (.30-06)



 Service Rifle  199-12X  Liam McKenna (AR15)  4/13/2019
Junior 198-9X Trey Friguglietti (.308) 7/16/2018
 Woman 194-10X  Gabby Pitre   7/12/2015

500yd Prone Any Sight

 Open  200-14X

Randy Hayes (6BR)

Shawn Agne (.223)



 Service Rifle 199-10X Ryan Hyslop (AR15)9/7/2019
 Junior 200-8X Trey Friguglietti (.308)7/16/2018
 Woman  198-10X Gabby Pitre  7/12/2015 

600yd Prone Any Sight

 Open 200-17X Jeff Graham (.30-06) 6/6/2021
 Service Rifle  199-10X

Liam McKenna

Ryan Hyslop



 Junior 195-6X  Gabby Pitre  7/12/2015 
195-6X  Gabby Pitre  7/12/2015 

300yd Prone Iron Sight

 Open 200-16X  Shawn Agne (.223) 6/21/2015 
 Service Rifle 192-4X  Jose Rossy  7/11/2015 
 Junior 200-11X Trey Friguglietti (.308) 7/17/2018
 Woman 199-13X  Gabby Pitre  7/11/2015 

500yd Prone Iron Sight

 Open 200-12X  Shawn Agne (.223)


6/6/, 9/11/2021

 Service Rifle 198-7X  Jose Rossy  7/11/2015 
 Junior 198-7X Trey Friguglietti (.308) 7/17/2018
 Woman 195-7X  Gabby Pitre  7/11/2015 

600yd Prone Iron Sight

 Open 200-15X Shawn Agne (.223 Rem) 4/9/2022
 Service Rifle 196-10X  Jose Rossy  7/11/2015 
 Junior 196-9X  Gabby Pitre  7/11/2015 
 Woman 196-9X  Gabby Pitre  7/11/2015 

3x600 Aggregate

 Open (Any Sight)600-41XShawn Agne (.223)8/7/21
Open (Iron Sight) 597-33x Shawn Agne (.243 Win)  7/27/19
Service Rifle 597-27XRyan Hyslop (AR15) 9/7/19
Junior 583-20X Gabby Pitre 3/28/15 
Woman 583-20X Gabby Pitre 3/28/15 

300-500-600yd Iron Sight Aggregate

 Open Shawn Agne 599-40X (.223)4/9/2022
 Service Rifle Jose Rossy  586-21X  7/11/2015 
 Junior Trey Friguglietti 592-27X 7/17/2018
 Woman Gabby Pitre  590-29X  7/11/2015 

300-500-600yd Any Sight Aggregate

 Open Jeff Graham600-46X (.30-06)9/12/2020
Service RifleRyan Hyslop597-27X (AR15)9/7/2019
JuniorTrey Friguglietti592-27X (.308)7/11/2015 

Any sight records may be set with rule 3.7 (a) or 3.7 (c)

Iron sight records may be set with rule 3.7 (a) only

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