CIHPRSCentral Indiana Highpower 
Rifle Shooters

Across the Course Records

200yd Offhand (20 shot)

 Open Nathan Scott  196-10X  9/12/15 
 Service Rifle Nathan Scott  196-10X  9/12/15 
 Woman Gabby Pitre  192-3X  6/20/15 
 Junior Eli Edwards 196-3X 7/17/16

200yd Offhand (10 Shot)

 OpenEli Edwards98-3X5/16/20
 Service RifleEli Edwards98-3X5/16/20

200yd Rapid Sitting (20 shot)

 Open  Liam McKenna 200-14X  4/22/18
 Service Rifle Liam McKenna 200-14X  4/22/18
 Woman  Gabby Pitre 196-6X  6/20/15 
 Junior Eli Edwards 200-8X 8/12/17

200yd Rapid Sitting (10 Shot)

 OpenSean Pickel100-4X5/23/21
 Service Rifle John Cuntz 98-3X 3/23/19

300yd Rapid Prone (20 Shot)

 Open  Neil Frenzle 200-13X 5/21/16
 Service Rifle Nathan Scott
Liam McKenna
 Woman Gabby Pitre  195-8X 5/16/15 
 Junior Eli Edwards 199-8X 5/16/15 

300yd Rapid Prone (10 Shot)

 OpenMark Richard100-7X5/14/20
 Service Rifle John Cuntz 98-1X 3/23/19

600yd Slow Prone*

 Open Shawn Agne 200-8X



 Service Rifle Ryan Hyslop200-7X 5/16/20
 Woman Gabby Pitre  188-4X  6/20/15 
 Junior Eli Edwards  198-9X 7/17/16

50 Round Grand Aggregate

 OpenSean Pickel491-16X5/22/23
 Service Rifle Ryan Hyslop487-13X5/16/20

80 Round Grand Aggregate

 Open Gary Chaney  796-39X  2004 
 Service Rifle Liam McKenna 788-33X 7/17/16
 Woman Gabby Pitre  768-15X  6/20/15 
 Junior Eli Edwards  782-18X 7/17/16 

* This record is being kept separate from the 600yd Iron sight/Any Sight record found in mid range.  Some of the historical data does not mention if slow prone was shot at 500 or 600 for that match.  For this reason and because the rifle types between course and mid range vary it was decided to keep it as a separate Across the Course record.  

200yd F-Class Slow Prone

Open  Jim Hartlage 194-6X   4/22/18
 Woman  Natalie Agne  177-1X  4/22/18
 Junior  Natalie Agne  177-1X

200yd F-Class Rapid Prone

 Open Natalie Agne  168-1X
 Woman Natalie Agne  168-1X 4/22/18
 Jnior Natalie Agne 168-1X  4/22/18

300yd F-Class Rapid Prone

 Open Jim Hartlage  194-2X
 Woman  Natalie Agne  159-1X
 Junior  Natalie Agne  159-1X

600yd F-Class Slow Prone

 Open  Jim Hartlage  187-1X
 Woman  Natalie Agne  125-2X
 Junior  Natalie Agne  125-2X

80 Round Aggregate Record

Open Jim Hartlage 733-12X 4/22/18 
 WomanNatalie Agne 629-5X 4/22/18 
Junior Natalie Agne 629-5X 4/22/18 

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