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Fullbore Prone

Fullbore is a separate discipline and classification within NRA shooting it can be shot at 300, 500, 600, 800, 900, or 1000 yards.  In many respects it is very similar to mid range and long range prone accept with the following key differences.

1.  It is shot with either .308 Win or .223 Remington with bullet weight limits of 156gr and 92gr respectively.  

2.  At any yardline you only have two sighters, but they are convertible.  This means after shooting your two sighters you can either elect to count the second one, both of them or neither one as a record shot.  This must be declared before firing the first record shot.  

3. Shot with iron sights only.  

4.  There are only two rifle divisions Target or International Target.  The later also has additional requirements that are placed on the rifle.  Any person shooting service rifle in fullbore would compete as a Target rifle. 

5.  Can be shot 2 to a mound (pair fired).  

F-Class may also participate but they follow the normal F-Class rules for F-Open and F-T/R.

Fullbore matches will be shot concurrently with mid range, long range, or palma course matches. Shooters just need to declare at squading if they are shooting fullbore.   

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