CIHPRSCentral Indiana Highpower 
Rifle Shooters

The Marine Corps match tests the all around marksmanship of a shooter.  It is a test of the shooters ability to shoot the three positions over the national match course along with their marksmanship ability at 1000yds.  Originally proposed by Dan Ireland, time required to shoot the full match was a limiting factor.  The match remained a concept for many years until it was finally fired in 2014.  With the inclusion of electronic targets at Camp Atterbury 2016 it will be included in the CIHPRS Match schedule annually.  

Trophy Match Winners

2014- Nathan Scott 963-26X (Service Rifle, AR-15)

2015- Was not fired

2016- Neil Frenzl 972-33X (Match Rifle, .243 Win)

2017- Don Tate 971-21X (Service Rifle, M1A)

2018- Shawn Agne 950-21X (Match Rifle, .260 Rem)

2019- Jeff Porter 971-25X (Match Rifle, .224 Valkyrie)

2020- Bob Gill 988-49X (Match Rifle)

2021- Shawn Agne 954-24X (Match Rifle, .223 Rem)

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