CIHPRSCentral Indiana Highpower 
Rifle Shooters

CIHPRS Fullbore Records.  

300yd 15 Shot

Category  Name  Score  Date
 Sling  Shawn Agne
150-12X 9/29/18
 F-Open  Jason Pagan 150-14X# 10/8/17
 F-T/R  Todd Sanders  150-13X 4/15/18

500yd 15 Shot

 Category Name   Score  Date
 Sling  Shawn Agne  150-11X* 4/29/17
 F-Open  Jeff Hopkins  150-13X 4/14/18
 F-T/R  Todd Sanders  150-10X* 4/15/18

600yd 15 Shot

 Category  Name  Score  Date
 Sling Shawn Agne   150-10X 10/8/17
 F-Open Jason Pagan 150-10X*#  4/30/17 
 F-T/R Todd Sanders 147-7X  4/15/18

800yd 15 Shot

 Category  Name  Score  Date
 Sling  Shawn Agne  149-8X 4/29/17
 F-Open  Wade Rankin  150-15X* 4/29/17
 F-T/R  Dan Pohlabel  149-11X 4/29/17

900yd 15 Shot

 Category  Name  Score  Date
 Sling  Shawn Agne 150-8X  4/29/17 
 F-Open Jason Pagan 149-8X# 10/8/17 
 F-T/R  Todd Sanders 148-6X   4/29/17

1000yd 15 Shot 

 Category  Name  Score Date 
 Sling  Randy Hayes 148-4X  10/8/2017
 F-Open Jason Pagan 149-8X#  10/8/2017
 F-T/R Todd Sanders  143-3X   4/30/2017

300/500/600 Mid Range Aggregate 45 Shot 

 Category  Name  Score Date 
 Sling  Shawn Agne 449-28X* 10/8/2017
 F-Open Jason Pagan 450-32*#  10/8/2017
 F-T/R Todd Sanders 437-30X 4/15/18

* Denotes national record

# Denotes National Police Record

Note: Sling is limited to .223 Rem or .308 Win with 156gr or less with metallic sights only per NRA Fullbore Prone rules.  

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