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1,200yd Championship Matches

With the addition of the electronic targets there are some new opportunities for us match wise.  The 1,200yd Championship Matches being one of them.  These matches will be ran at the completion of the CIHRPS Long Range Regional, and ISRPA Long Range State Championship.

The rules and course of fire is quite simple.

All NRA rules apply.

Course of fire will be unlimited sighters and 15 rounds for record on the LR and LR-FC (fclass) targets at 1,200yds.  

Shooter will have 25 minutes and it will be shot in a infiltration block time.  

There will be seperate awards for this match from the awards of the CIHRPS Regional LR match and the ISRPA LR State Championship.

1,200yds allows a different experience but still allows the palma and f-t/r shooters to reach the target. However with this there are some criteria that need to be met as the rounds need to be sonic in order for our electronic targets to register the hits.  The targets will register velocity at the target at 1000yds. This is usually just a problem with Palma and F-T/R guns.  If the bullet has an approximate velocity of 1,385fps at 1000yds will still be sonic at 1,200yds. Recommended bullets in .308 for this are 185gr or larger.  However the 168gr Hybrid, and 168gr and 175gr TMKs appear also to be able to work.  

DO NOT TRY the other 168gr or 175gr bullets, they will not make it with a safe load.    

223 Palma rifles are only allowed if shooting 90gr VLDs with 1000yd velocity of 1,388 fps.  

Service Rifles are not allowed.

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