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CIHPRS One Mile Club
Members Date Cartridge
Agne, Shawn  7/14/13 .338LM
Farley, Terry 7/26/14 .300WM
Golay, Jeff 7/14/13 .300 RUM
Grubb, John 9/26/15
The CIHPRS One Mile Club recognizes the achievements of shooters who have displayed the skill and ability to hit a target at a distance in excess of one mile.  (actual measured distance 1,800 yards.)  This is an extraordinarily difficult achievement, particularly in Indiana where the elevation is only 760' above MSL.  The shooter needs outstanding shooting and wind reading abilities, as well as the ability to handload the highest precision ammunition, and the judgment to select and properly configure his rifle and gear to enable hits at extreme long range. 

Membership requirements:
  1. The target will be an NRA F-Class 1000 yard target (or equivalent as judged by witnesses).  If the target is other than the NRA F-Class 1000 yard target, the scoring area must be no larger than 30" in diameter (equivalent to the 8-ring on the official target.)
  2. A minimum of two witnesses are necessary to verify the shot.  One witness must be a club officer, and both witnesses will sign the award certificate verifying the shot.
  3. The shooter must use his/her own rifle and ammunition.  (The intent of this rule is that the shooter has done the work - bringing a friend or family member, setting up the shot for them, and allowing them to pull the trigger would NOT qualify them for the Club membership.)
  4. The shooter must use their own data and devices.  All devices (i.e. weather instruments, rangefinders, ballistic software/handheld) are permitted.
  5. 10 shots total are allowed.  The shooter must score two 8s to qualify (i.e. two shots in the black of the 1000 yard F-class target).  If the shooter is unable to get two shots in the black in the allotted 10 rounds, they may reshoot for score once more that day.  If they are unable to hit the black in the reshoot, they are out for the day.

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