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Rifle Shooters
Longest Shot

This match offers the shooter a unique experience at Camp Atterbury where the shooter has the potential to shoot all the way back to 2000 yards.  

The rifle Divisions for Longest Shot are as follows

Sling Prone: Traditional NRA Any, Palma, or Service RIfles



Tactical Open: In which muzzle breaks and silencers are allowed.  

Rifle Cartridges are limited to 33 caliber or smaller.  The 408 Chey-Tac or 50BMG cartridges or their wildcats are not permitted due to safety fan restrictions.  

The shooter must have fired a 1000yd NRA LR match prior to participating.  

The course of fire will be 1000, 1200, 1400-2000yds.  As long as the shooter scores 24 points per berm he/she is still in the contest and can move back.  The shooter who makes it the farthest back with scoring the most points at the farthest berm is the winner.  If a shooter does not score 24 points but continues to hit the targets he/she can continue to shoot out of competition.  

For further rules please see the match bulletin.  

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