CIHPRSCentral Indiana Highpower 
Rifle Shooters

Long Range Prone Records

1000yd Any Sight

 Open200-10XJeff Graham
Shawn Agne
 Service Rifle
 Junior198-7X Gabby Pitre 8/23/15 
 Woman198-7X Gabby Pitre 8/23/15 

1000yd Iron Sight

 Open 200-10XShawn Agne 3/13/16
 Service Rifle188-6X Nathan Scott 7/5/14 
 Junior196-8X Gabby Pitre 8/23/15 
 Woman196-8X Gabby Pitre 8/23/15 

2x1000 Aggregate

 Open394-16X Jeff Graham 2011 
 Service Rifle   
 Junior394-15X Gabrielle Pitre 8/23/15 
 Woman394-15X Gabrielle Pitre 8/23/15 

3x1000 Aggregate

 Open597-29XShawn Agne 3/13/16
 Service Rifle   
 Junior583-24X Gabrielle Pitre 9/27/14 
 Woman583-24X Gabrielle Pitre 9/27/14 

800yd Palma Course

 Open*150-11X Shawn Agne 9/20/15 
 Service Rifle**147-6X Nathan Scott 6/28/15 
 Junior*148-6X Gabby Pitre 4/26/15 
 Woman*148-6X Gabby Pitre 4/26/15 

900yd Palma Course

 Open*150-9X Shawn Agne 9/20/15 
 Service Rifle**135-2X Nathan Scott 6/28/15 
 Junior*143-3X Gabby Pitre 4/26/15 
 Woman*143-3X Gabby Pitre 4/26/15 

1000yd Palma Course

 Open*150-9X Shawn Agne 9/20/15 
 Service Rifle**130-1X Nathan Scott 6/28/15 
 Junior*138-5X Gabby Pitre 4/26/15 
 Woman*138-5X Gabby Pitre 4/26/15 

Palma Course Aggregate

 Open*450-29X Shawn Agne 9/20/15 
 Service Rifle**412-9X Nathan Scott 6/28/15 
 Junior*429-14X Gabby Pitre 4/26/15 
 Woman*429-14X Gabby Pitre 4/26/15

Any sight records may be set with rule 3.7 (a) or 3.7 (c)

Iron sight records may be set with rule 3.7 (a) only

*Records for those rifles compliant with rules 3.3.1(a) and 3.3.1(b)

**Records for those rifles compliant with rule 3.1

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